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The Infinity (THE INFINITY, #1) By: Rawad Yaghi

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The “THE INFINITY” comic book series chronicles the struggle between the God of Light and the God of Darkness.

In the beginning, the God of Light sacrificed herself and divided her spirit into seven distinct masks, in order to revive peace in the world. These seven masks were then sealed away inside a tome known as the “Book of Darkness”.

For several centuries, the world lived in peace. However, this peace was shattered when an archaeological explorer rediscovered the Book of Darkness. This led to a constant fluctuation between the present time and the past. Amidst this, the hero named Alexandre became the seventh chosen wielder of one of the masks.

From here, the series delves into the mysteries and secrets surrounding the Infinity World. The story follows Alexandre’s adventures as he attempts to contain the forces of evil that threaten to destroy the entire world.

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The Infinity By: Rawad Yaghi THE INFINITY, #1
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Rawad Yaghi

Eyad Ubai Kamal Elgizouli

The youngest Arab writer

Rawad Yaghi, a talented Syrian artist and writer, is currently enrolled in the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at the National Private University. He possesses a deep passion for storytelling and visual arts, which is beautifully showcased in his highly acclaimed comic book series, “THE INFINITY.”

Through Rawad’s captivating illustrations and captivating narratives, readers are transported to a realm of grand battles, age-old enigmas, and the perpetual conflict between light and darkness. His exceptional talent and unwavering commitment have positioned him as a rising luminary in the realm of comics, effectively highlighting Syria’s vibrant cultural heritage and boundless creative spirit.

The Infinity By: Rawad Yaghi THE INFINITY, #1

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