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A Brief Guide to Black Holes by Eyad U. K. Elgizouli

A Brief Guide to Black Holes by Eyad U. K. Elgizouli
A Brief Guide to Black Holes by Eyad U. K. Elgizouli
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“A Brief Guide to Black Holes” is an engaging and educational book specifically designed for children. The book discusses the topic of black holes in a simple and straightforward manner suitable for 8-year-old children. What makes this book unique is that it is written by the young author Eyad Ubai Kamal Elgizouli, who has a passion and interest in the field of science.

The book presents the concept of black holes in an exciting and captivating way for children, explaining how black holes are formed and what happens to objects that come near them. It also provides information about the number of black holes in the universe and their impact on galaxies and planets.

Using a language that is easy to understand and appealing, “A Brief Guide to Black Holes” helps children grasp this complex scientific phenomenon in a simple and enjoyable manner. Children can enjoy reading and acquire knowledge through this fascinating book.

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الكاتب إياد أُبي كمال الجزولي

Eyad Ubai Kamal Elgizouli

The youngest Arab writer

Author’s Bio: Eyad Ubai Kamal Elgizouli

About the Author: Meet the extraordinary Eyad Elgizouli, a six-year-old explorer of both the cosmos and the fascinating world of knowledge. Homeschooled by his father and his mother, Dr. Samahir Ibrahim Abdelmagid Mursi, Eyad Elgizouli has combined the best of both worlds – the freedom to learn at home and the challenge of formal school exams. Despite his young age, Eyad has consistently excelled, earning scholarships for his exceptional academic achievements.




A Brief Guide to Black Holes by Eyad U. K. Elgizouli

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