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Best Bedtime Stories By: Noura Wagdy and Abanoub Wagdy

Best Bedtime Stories By: Noura Wagdy and Abanoub Wagdy
Best Bedtime Stories By: Noura Wagdy and Abanoub Wagdy
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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “Best Bedtime Stories” by Noura Wagdy, where young readers embark on captivating journeys filled with valuable lessons. This collection of charming tales is designed to entertain and inspire children as they drift off to sleep.

One of the captivating stories within the book is “The Conceited Mouse.” Follow the adventures of an arrogant mouse as it encounters various suitors and learns the consequences of vanity. Through this narrative, children are subtly introduced to themes of humility and the true nature of beauty.

“The Lucky Fisherman” transports readers into the life of Naguib, a young fisherman whose fortunes take a dramatic turn when he discovers a mysterious golden cup. This engaging story emphasizes the power of luck and instills the important value of gratitude in young hearts and minds.

In “The Gift of Pearls,” readers are introduced to two sisters, Erma and Noura, who have a memorable encounter with an old woman. Through the gifts bestowed upon them based on their actions, children learn the significance of kindness and contentment, nurturing their understanding of empathy and gratitude.

“The Orphan’s Birth” tells the touching tale of Mr. Anders, a wealthy man who experiences a profound awakening on Christmas Eve. When he discovers a newborn baby in need, his journey leads him to understand the true meaning of compassion and family, leaving a lasting impact on young readers and reminding them of the importance of empathy and love.

“The Elephant’s Breath” takes readers on an emotional journey as they delve into the world of an elephant seeking solace after the tragic loss of its family. This poignant tale explores themes of grief, resilience, and the vital importance of preserving nature, instilling a sense of empathy and environmental awareness in children.

With exquisitely crafted narratives and timeless messages, “Best Bedtime Stories” is an essential addition to every child’s library. Noura Wagdy’s exceptional storytelling skills, paired with the enchanting illustrations, breathe life into these tales, making them a cherished part of any bedtime routine.

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معلومات عن الكاتب
Noura Wagdy

Noura Wagdy

Arab writer

Noura Wagdy is an accomplished graduate of Cairo University’s Faculty of Economics and Political Science. Driven by a profound passion for language, translation, and literature, she immerses herself in the boundless realm of words. Noura’s insatiable love for storytelling and her keen appreciation of linguistic nuances ignite her creativity and unwavering commitment to crafting mesmerizing literary pieces. With a resolute desire to foster cultural connections, Noura aims to harness the transformative power of words, captivating readers with her thought-provoking narratives that leave a lasting impact.




Abanoub Wagdy

Abanoub Wagdy

Arab writer

Abanoub Wagdy, born in 1996, is a talented Egyptian writer, translator, and academic researcher specializing in English literature. His literary journey encompasses a wide array of genres, with a notable repertoire of both original works and translations.

In his Arabic publications, Abanoub has authored a renowned series entitled “Guidelines to Translation,” consisting of four volumes published by Al Sohba Publishing House. His English publications include “Forms of Discrimination: Essays in English Novel” (Al Sohba Publishing House, 2021) and the forthcoming “Wagdy’s Slang Dictionary: English-Egyptian Arabic.”




Best Bedtime Stories By: Noura Wagdy and Abanoub Wagdy

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