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الكاتب والمترجم أبانوب وجدي

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Abanoub Wagdy

أبانوب وجدي

كاتب ومترجم مصري

Abanoub Wagdy is an Egyptian writer, translator, and academic researcher in English literature, born in 1996. He has authored several books and conducted studies that span a wide range of genres, including both original works and translations.

🔴 Arabic Publications:

  • “Guidelines to Translation” series (4 volumes to date), published by Al Sohba Publishing House.

🔴 English Publications:

  • “Forms of Discrimination: Essays in English Novel” (Al Sohba Publishing House, 2021).
  • “Wagdy’s Slang Dictionary: English-Egyptian Arabic” (Forthcoming).

🔴 Arabic Translations:

  • Play: “Ten Clowns” by Egyptian-American playwright Youssef El-Gindy (Egyptian Anglow Library, 2022).
  • Book: “Arab Theatre in Egypt” by Neville Barbour (Unic Press, 2021).
  • Short story collection: “Once Upon a Time” with Syrian translator Salim Marouf (Unic Press, 2023).
  • Book: “Ambition” with Palestinian translator Noor Habib (Al Sohba Publishing House, 2023).
  • Book: “Books and Their Melodies” with Algerian translator Noor Youssef (Al Sohba Cultural House, 2024).
  • Book: “Selections from Arabic Literature Classics” (Under publication).

🔴 English Translations:

  • “Mr. Consul of Babel” (By Moroccan-Iraqi author Nabil Nouri) Barnes & Noble, 2022.
  • “Prince of Odor” (By Moroccan-Iraqi author Nabil Nouri) Barnes & Noble, 2022.
  • “How Shall I Know If I am Not in this Mirror?!” (By Omani author Hussam Al-Muskary) Amazon Books, 2022.
  • “Ghaith: Lawyer of Mankind” (By Jordanian author Asma Al-Azam) (Under publication).
  • “Council of Clergymen” (By Egyptian author Ahmed Hatim) (Under publication).

Abanoub Wagdy’s diverse literary contributions showcase his passion for promoting cultural exchange and deepening understanding through the power of words.

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